Now, M. Costeclar was a wonderfully well-posted man. He had,doubtless, on his way, stopped on the Boulevard des Italiens, thatblessed ground where nightly the street-brokers labor for thefinancial prosperity of the country. He had gone through the Passagede l'Opera, which is, as is well known, the best market for the mostcorrect and the most reliable news. Therefore he might safely bebelieved.

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Placing his hack to the chimney, he had taken the lead in theconversation; and he was talking, talking, talking. Being a "bull,"he took a favorable view of every thing. He believed in theeternity of the second empire. He sang the praise of the newcabinet: he was ready to pour out his blood for Emile Ollivier.

True, some people complained that business was dull and slow; butthose people, he thought, were merely "bears." Business had neverbeen so brilliant. At no time had prosperity been greater. Capitalwas abundant. The institutions of credit were flourishing.

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Securities were rising. Everybody's pockets were full to bursting.

And the others listened in astonishment to this inexhaustibleprattle, this "gab," more filled with gold spangles than Dantzigcordial, with which the commercial travelers of the bourse catchtheir customers.

"But you must excuse me," he said, rushing towards the other end ofthe parlor.

Mme. Favoral had just left the room to order tea to be brought in;and, the seat by Mlle. Gilberte being vacant, M. Costeclar occupiedit promptly.

"He understands his business," growled M. Desormeaux.

Surely," said M. Desclavettes, "If I had some funds to dispose ofjust now.""I would be most happy to have him for my son-in-law," declared M.

He was doing his best. Somewhat intimidated by Mlle. Gilberte'sfirst look, he had now fully recovered his wits.

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He commenced by sketching his own portrait.

He had just turned thirty, and had experienced the strong and theweak side of life. He had had "successes," but had tired of them.

Having gauged the emptiness of what is called pleasure, he onlywished now to find a partner for life, whose graces and virtueswould secure his domestic happiness.