"'In your place,' he added, "I would change my domicile. You might,perhaps, thus make them lose your track. And, above all, do notfail to give me your new address. Whatever I can do to protect you,and insure your safety, I shall do.'

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"That excellent man has kept his word; and once again I owed mysafety to him. Tis he who is now commissary of police in thisdistrict, and who protected me against Mme. Fortin. I hastened tofollow his advice, and two days later I had hired the room in thishouse in which I am still living. In order to avoid every chanceof discovery, I left my employer, and requested her to say, if anyone came to inquire after me, that I had gone to America.

"I soon found work again in a very fashionable dress-makingestablishment, the name of, which you must have heard, - Van Klopen's.

Unfortunately, war had just been declared. Every day announced a newdefeat. The Prussians were coming; then the siege began. Van Klopenhad closed his shop, and left Paris. I had a few savings, thankheaven; and I husbanded them as carefully as shipwrecked mariners dotheir last ration of food, when I unexpectedly found some work.

"It was one Sunday, and I had gone out to see some battalions ofNational Guards passing along the Boulevard, when suddenly I sawone of the vivandieres, who was marching behind the band, stop, andrun towards me with open arms. It was my old friend from theBatignolles, who had recognized me. She threw her arms around myneck, and, as we had at once become the centre of a group of atleast five hundred idlers,"I must speak to you,' she said. 'If you live in the neighborhood,let's go to your room. The service can wait.'

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"I brought her here,; and at once she commenced to excuse herselffor her past conduct, begging me to restore her my friendship. AsI expected, she had long since forgotten the young man, cause ofour rupture. But she was now in love, and seriously this time, shedeclared, with a furniture-maker, who was a captain in the NationalGuards. It was through him that she had become a vivandiere; andshe offered me a similar position, if I wished it. But I did notwish it; and, as I was complaining that I could find no work, sheswore that she would get me some through her captain, who was a veryinfluential man.

"Through him, I did in fact obtain a few dozen jackets to make.

This work was very poorly paid; but the little I earned was thatmuch less to take from my humble resources. In that way I managedto get through the siege without suffering too much.

"After the armistice, unfortunately, M. Van Klopen had not yetreturned. I was unable to procure any work; my resources wereexhausted; and I would have starved during the Commune, but formy old friend, who several times brought me a little money, andsome provisions. Her captain was now a colonel, and was about tobecome a member of the government; at least, so she assured me.

The entrance of the troops into Paris put an end to her dream.

One night she came to me livid with fright. She supposed herselfgravely compromised, and begged me to hide her. For four daysshe remained with me. On the fifth, just as we were sitting downto dinner, my room was invaded by a number of police-agents, whoshowed us an order of arrest, and commanded us to follow them.

"My friend sank down upon a chair, stupid with fright. But Iretained my presence of mind, and persuaded one of the agents togo and notify my friend the justice. He happened luckily to be athome, and at once hastened to my assistance. He could do nothing,however, for the moment; the agents having positive orders to takeus straight to Versailles.

"'Well,' said he, 'I shall accompany you.'