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If he truly did not wish for his strategy to be revealed, he could have made sure to switch up the students in detail. However, the fact that he didn't do so would mean that he wishes to shock us by having us catch onto his strategy, it's because his desire to scare us that way is clear.

"So you're not going to help her?".

"That's....something I don't know".

"The participation table for this sports festival has already been confirmed. There's nothing we can do about that".

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"So you're saying Class D might lose like this?".

"I suppose so".

"Is there nothing we can do?".

"Rather than consult me, I think this is something you should go over with Hirata".

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"That's---that's true but...somehow if it's you, I thought you'd be able to think of something.....".

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This sports festival is open for public viewing. Unlike the uninhabited island, there aren't very many blind spots. Since we're being watched by a great many people, both teachers and students will find pulling something off without being noticed a difficult task.

You could say that fighting upfront like Ichinose and Katsuragi, or taking a risk and using cowardly tactics repeatedly like Ryuuen are the only methods one can utilize.

Even in Ryuuen's case, from his movements and attitude, I could tell that he committed foul play only after thorough rehearsals and practice. In short, what it means is that most of the results have already been decided from before the sports festival even began.

"What do you think of Horikita?".

"What......I don't like her. She's conceited and impertinent".

"But you're still worried about her".

"Maybe I saw her as being similar to me".

Targeted, taking concentrated fire and forced into distress. So she's projecting her old, bullied self onto her.

"Right now, Class D is last place right......? Is there any way left to win?".