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"Not trustworthy, huh?".

"I mean, any student from another class isn't trustworthy by default but Ichinose-san's the only one called out by name that way. But isn't that strange? I've heard how popular she is".

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If we have to name just one 1st year student from another class who's trustworthy then without a doubt I would have named Ichinose too. Of course, if it's the other classes doing the naming then there'd be quite a lot of students naming Kushida. Anyway, Ichinose should be either number one or two when it comes to being the most trustworthy student in our school year. However, the reward will be smaller if the group is made up of the minimum number of people from three classes.

A strategy where there's no total victory. But at the same time also a strategy where there's no total defeat.

"Unfair, isn't it? Class A should've just looked after themselves. They were very bullish during group formation".

"I suppose so".

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A solid and safe strategy. No doubt about it, Sakayanagi must have been the one who drafted this plan. It's surprising that someone as aggressive as her would choose to adopt a defensive strategy like this.

"So? What should I do next? Should I try something?".

"Tricks won't really fly in this special exam. But there are a few people I'd like you to keep an eye on".

I told her that and named several people who are likely to become the key players.

"Hnn, sounds pretty tough but I'll give it a try".

Obediently following the orders issued to her. That's Kei's strong point.

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"But what's up with this exam? Are stuff like manners and morals really that necessary?".

"I wonder. If I have to put this in terms of a story, then it might be something of a MacGuffin".

"Ehh? Maguga------".

"I'm not talking about a mug cup, you know".

"I-I knew that. So? What's this all about?".