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< Time until Keita Amano’s girlfriend enters Ayumu Kiriya’s apartment: 5 months >

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Translator: your_pingas

“Jiraiya’s playing this game today! The masterpiece of open-world games, < Infinite Space >!”

“…Oh, I see.”

In comparison to my exciting live stream introduction, Jiraiya, which is Keita Amano, held his cheeks on the kotatsu, and answered lazily. He just randomly pressed buttons on the controller. I can’t sense any will to play from the person.

It’s early December. Aside from the kotatsu, oil-filled heaters finally entered the scene too. In Ayumu Kiriya’s apartment, this is the first recording after Keita Amano got back from the school trip. (Keita still thinks that this is just a demo experience) However…

I looked at Keita’s clearly unmotivated face and sighed deeply.

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(This guy showed up in my house with an obviously depressed look. …He got even worse when he’s facing the game screen.)

I shrugged helplessly. Then, I clicked on the PC and muted the mic that’s supposed to be recording.

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(I can’t record a video when he’s like this…)

In reality, nothing is more upsetting to watch than a poor video made by a depressed live streamer.

The audience didn’t play the video to watch stuff like that. Even so, …Keita didn’t do anything since he doesn’t know this. This is where I have to show my care for him. I need to cheer Keita up first. …Of course, that’s just not for the live stream. This is what I should do as a friend too.

I turned my computer chair from the TV screen to Keita’s direction. After that, I chugged all of the canned coffee at once and asked him.