Will online sell cherries?

Will online sell cherries?

Mori-san urged everyone in the class to exercise their “kindness” straightforwardly.

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“Alright, is anyone willing to take Hoshinomori-san!”


Everyone looked away from her. …Of course.

So, Mori-san finally began to knock on the teacher’s desk impatiently.

“Eh, no one wants to take Hoshinomori-san? Isn’t this a bit too cold? Hoshinomori-san is one of us, after all.”

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Hoshinomori-san plopped her head down even further as if she can’t take it anymore.

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“…Tendou-san? What’s wrong with you?”

“Eh? Ah…”

Once I snapped out of it, I realized I’ve been unconsciously scratching the table with my nails. The classmate glanced at me, worriedly from the other seat. I quickly tried to cover it.

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

I answered calmly, yet I’m confused with this unknown wave of emotions.

(What was I thinking? …While Hoshinomori is actually a partner in the Hobby Club, but more importantly, she’s my ‘rival’ right now. There’s no reason for me to be that considerate towards her…)

Just as I’m thinking about all that, a boy suddenly raised his hand with a “yes.”

After Mori-san asked him what, he suggested lazily.

“If the class president is that determined, why don’t you just take Hoshinomori under your group?”