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Hashimoto seemed satisfied with the conclusion that Kei might have been the person I had been regularly coming into contact with.

And the day after that, Hashimoto’s stalking sessions stopped. He had shifted his attention toward preparations for the end-of-year exam.

I was finally able to move freely.

I went to the school with the Valentine’s chocolate I had received from Kei still in my bag.

I met up with Hiyori Shiina at the library. Of course, the majority of our conversation consisted of idle chatter about various books.

However, my true focus was on something else entirely.

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Our conversation was just a preface for the countless rumors that would spread the following day.

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Rumors about Ichinose aside, Class A may be trying to pull another stunt entirely.

This was the seed that I had planted, and a few days later, that seed began to bear fruit. By purposefully selecting the belligerent Ishizaki and Ibuki as targets for the rumors, it would ideally create a volatile situation. However, that was just a bonus. Even if it had ended up developing differently, it would all turn out pretty much the same way in the end.

The truly important part came afterward. Namely, when and how the messages would be posted on the forums.

I got in contact with the person I had selected to solve these problems, vice president Kiriyama.

A second year Class B student aiming for Nagumo’s downfall.

After chatting with Hiyori at the library, I met Kiriyama at the school building after most of the students had already gone home for the day.

I revealed my entire plan, my strategy to save Ichinose.