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Pei Qian first expressed his agreement with Lin Wan on the surface. That way, he would be able to eliminate her wariness and pave the way for what he would say next.

Lin Wan’s eyes lit up as she asked, “Boss Pei, what should I do next to improve myself?”

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After a moment of silence, Pei Qian said, “I think you should leave your comfort zone.”

Lin Wan was stunned. “Leave my comfort zone?”

Pei Qian nodded. “Yes, Shang Yang Games is your comfort zone.”

“There are three necessary aspects to become a top game designer.”

“First, bold and imaginative thinking and foresight.

“Second, lead the team’s management and control.”

“Third, adaptability to unfamiliar environments.

“Thoughts and foresight are relatively mysterious things. You have already taken shape. If you want to improve further, you can only rely on yourself to enlighten. No one can teach you step by step.”

“The key is the last two points.”

“An outstanding game designer is never one to fight alone. You must have a very strong team supporting you from behind. You must ensure that every employee in the team can understand your intentions and act as an extension of your thoughts, turning these intentions into fine rules in the game.”

“For an outstanding game designer, the environment they are in is definitely not the same. They cannot be considered an outstanding game designer if they are very good in one environment but achieve nothing in another.”

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Pei Qian’s expression was very serious as he spoke. It gave people the feeling that he had seen through everything.

In fact, this was all nonsense. It was to pave the way for his next words.

However, it sounded reasonable to say that it was nonsense. That would be enough to confuse Lin Wan.

Lin Wan looked like she was deep in thought, but her expression was mixed with confusion.

“However, Boss Pei, I have a good team in Shang Yang Games. Wang Xiaobin and Ye Zhizhou have helped me a lot. We have the same idea.”

“As for adapting to unfamiliar environments... Shang Yang Games has developed different types of games. Isn’t that enough to prove that we can adapt to unfamiliar market environments?”