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“With that being the case, how does the school determine the outcome of the exam?”

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“I’ll explain that now.”

Tightening her grip on the chalk, Chabashira proceeded to write on the blackboard once more.

“The essence of this special exam is the number of praise and censure votes you accumulate on Saturday. The top student… that is, the student who accumulates the most praise votes, will be given a special reward. This special reward will not be private points. Instead, you will receive one point from a new system altogether, Protection Points.”

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It was a type of point we hadn’t heard anything about until now.

Of course, it captured everyone’s attention.

“Protection points grant you the right to override an expulsion. Even if you were to fail a test, as long as you have a protection point, you can use it to cancel out the questions you had gotten wrong. However, these points cannot be transferred between students.”

It was no exaggeration to say that the moment she said this, a wave of newfound surprise spread throughout the classroom.

“You should all be able to understand how amazing these points are. They’re effectively equivalent in value to twenty-million private points. Of course, in the eyes of an excellent student with no reason to fear expulsion, they may not hold as much value.”

That would probably never be the case. There was no such thing as a student who wouldn’t welcome the right to invalidate an expulsion.

The reward was far too extravagant. No, it was beyond extravagant.

These protection points had the potential to be an outrageously dangerous weapon depending on how they were used.

And it was precisely because of this extravagance that the penalty given to the lowest ranked students would be even greater.

“Does this mean that something bad happens to the three lowest ranked students…?”

Hirata asked, uneasy about the answer.

“No. This time, the penalty only applies to the student who receives the most censure votes in each class. Other students will not be penalized, no matter how many censure votes they receive. After all, the theme of this special exam is selecting who will take the top spot, and then deciding who will take the bottom.”

“What kind of penalty is it?”