What can I have part-time money?

What can I have part-time money?

It was finally the first of March, a few days after the end-of-term exams.

Monday, the day where everyone was anxiously waiting for the results to be announced.

After all, in the case of a failing grade, the only option left was expulsion.

“Sensei, are you gonna announce the results now!?”

Unable to sit still any longer, Ike practically fell out of his seat as he waited for the homeroom teacher, Chabashira, to respond.

“Calm yourself. You’ll know in a couple of minutes.”

Chabashira, with practiced movements, spread out a large piece of paper she brought in on the blackboard.

This school would usually release our grades digitally, like on our cell phones or on the online forums. However, when it comes to the exams where expulsion was at stake, the teachers would display the results to us like this.

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“Are you feeling confident, Ike?”

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“O-oh well, yeah, I studied pretty hard, but…”

“You studied hard, huh? Yet you’re still so uneasy?”

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Chabashira must have found his reply more amusing than surprising, as she gave off a slight smile.

For Ike, who usually gets low scores, it was only natural that he would feel anxious no matter how much he studied.

“Sudō, you always seem to be in the running for the lowest score, so how are you feeling?”