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“I see. How should I put it? …You’re still Hoshinomori, after all. Ah, this must be that ‘zenpai’ thing you talked about, right? Reaching your hand out only to lose it violently.”

“Ugh, …yes, …the same goes for my friendship with Karen-san, …and Keita…”

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I reached the bottom of my depression as I walked silently. It seems that Uehara-kun couldn’t think of a good way to comfort me either. Silence ensued between the both of us for a while.

Around 30 seconds later, Uehara-kun cleared his throat and gave me a new topic.

“By the way, where are you going, Hoshinomori? No games are released today, right?”

“What do you mean? You’re saying that like I’m a rare monster that only appears on a game release day. Well, even though you’re right.”

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“See? But, if that’s not the case, seriously, what are you doing today?”

Uehara-kun asked confusedly.

I answered him with a flirty smile.

“Ara ara, isn’t it obvious? Right now, …I’m a girl in love, right? Then, girls in love will turn beautiful, right? In other words-“

“Ohh? The representative of boring girls, Hoshinomori, is finally going to dress herself up for her beloved boy…!?”

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When Uehara-kun’s rubbing the corner of his eyes, …I announced loudly!

“-Of course, I’ll train myself by going to the second-hand game store once a month!”

“Give me back my tears!”

For some reason, Uehara-kun’s enraged. I’m confused.

“Eh? Hey, I’m giving my best to train myself even though I’m an otaku. Shouldn’t you praise my will to make myself more beautiful…?”

“You’re just walking home once per month! How shameless can you be!? Stop giving me that training crap! You’re just a miser that doesn’t want to spend money on the bus to the game store!”

“Ugh…! Then, if Uehara-kun’s saying that, where are you going? I don’t see Aguri-chan or your other friends…”