how to get out of debt and save money

how to get out of debt and save money

Pei Qian nodded. “What is Dream Realization Ventures’ mission?”

Ma Yang, “Er... to invest in dreams!”

Pei Qian continued. “Does Finger Games look like a company that needs investments to fulfill its dreams? They’re not even incurring losses! It’s critical that we invest whatever money we have now into projects that would fulfill people’s dreams!

“For example...

“Forget it, you can think about it.”

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Pei Qian had wanted to say ‘projects like the shared phone booth’, but on further thought, the shared phone booths were now generating profit. Thus, he could only silently swallow his words. Ma Yang stopped talking and fell into deep thought. As he pondered, he snuck two prawn crackers into his mouth and chewed softly.

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Pei Qian, “...Alright, go and look for some dreams to fulfil. Once you’ve found some, let me see them. Then, I’ll decide how we should invest the money.”

Ma Yang quickly nodded. “Alright, Brother Qian. I’ll share your burdens! You really don’t want take-out?”

Pei Qian was exasperated. “What time is it?! Go to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and eat by yourself. I have work to do.”

“Oh, oh... alright. I’ll make a move, then, Brother Qian.” Ma Yang turned to leave but turned around again almost immediately-as if he had just recalled something. He picked up the bag of prawn crackers from the table. “These prawn crackers are quite yummy. I’m leaving, Brother Qian!”

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Pei Qian had mixed feelings watching Ma Yang leave.

“Old Ma, get yourself together! I’m pinning my hopes on you!”

In the afternoon, at Tengda Games...

“All in all, once Bao Xu and I leave, we’ll leave all of GOG’s matters to you. Try as hard as possible to make it a dual-terminal game and come up with the designs for our current heroes.

“The tasks that you have been in charge of during this period are alright. Even if something messes up along the way, you don’t have to panic. Think carefully about what Boss Pei has said. You’ll be able to find the solution for sure.”

Li Yada was assigning jobs to Hu Xianbin and his two other companions. She and Bao Xu would be leaving the country on March 1st. Over the past few days, she had gotten visas and air tickets, booked their accommodations, planned their itinerary, and made all other preparations. Of course, she had also handed over the appropriate tasks to Hu Xianbin and the others.

It was Friday today. It was the last day of work for both of them. Each of them had already handed over their work to someone else.

Once everything was done, Li Yada glanced at her phone. She had sent a message to Boss Pei earlier, saying that she had completed the handover and was going to leave the country on holiday. Boss Li only replied with two words: ‘Go ahead.’