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“The three extra students will have their exam scores doubled to make up for their missing partner. However, they’ll also be subject to the very same 5%!p(MISSING)enalty, so there probably won’t be very many of them who would want to face the exam alone.”

Essentially, one person would be playing out both roles. It seemed that the three first-year students leftover at the end wouldn’t have anything to worry about as long as their academic abilities were good enough.

Either way, I couldn’t afford to be worrying about just Ike and Sudō during this special exam.

After all, this was going to be an exceedingly difficult special exam for me as well.

The reason it was going to be so difficult was the rule where, if my partner and I didn’t score over 500 points, I’d be expelled from the school. Put another way, this meant that my partner absolutely had to score at least 1 point in order to clear the special exam. Even if I were to get full marks in each of the five subjects, if my partner scored a 0, my expulsion would be set in stone.

Under normal circumstances, this would be an extremely pointed, dangerous rule. Because the first-year students aren’t at risk of expulsion, if they purposefully took a low score and threw the exam, this rule meant that the second-year student would be unreasonably forced out of the school… However, in order to prevent that from happening, the school had come up with another rule.

[Any student judged to have deliberately marked questions incorrectly or otherwise found to have manipulated or lowered their scores will be expelled regardless of their school year. Similarly, in the event a third party is found to have forced a student to lower his or her score, said third party will be expelled from the school as well.]

This rule was probably an extremely indispensable factor behind the legitimization of this special exam.

It was designed to protect against unfair behavior such as threatening the other party that you’d cut corners or demanding for them to hand over private points. It made it impossible to blatantly misbehave during the exam. In a sense, it meant that the average student would be more robustly protected by the rules.

However, even though the rule would usually be more than enough, it still fell short of ensuring anything.

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Because─ for the White Room student, it was a completely different story.

The White Room student was setting up on the premise of being expelled later anyway, so this rule wasn’t a deterrent to them at all.

If they successfully managed to pair up with me, they’d most likely end up taking a 0 without even the slightest hesitation.

In other words, if I chose the White Room student as my partner, I’d be done for. Even though the special exam only just started, I already had at least a 1 in 160 chance of being expelled.