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“I don't know,” he said. “I can't make them out. It doesn't seem to trouble them very much.”

This was after church while they were strolling down the Avenue, gazing at the procession of new spring costumes.—“Who is that stately creature you just bowed to?” inquired Lucy.

“That?” said Montague. “That is Miss Hegan—Jim Hegan's daughter.”

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“Oh!” said Lucy. “I remember—Betty Wyman told me about her.”

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“Nothing very good, I imagine,” said Montague, with a smile.

“It was interesting,” said Lucy. “Fancy having a father with a hundred millions, and talking about going in for settlement work!”

“Well,” he answered, “I told you one could get tired of the splurge.”

Lucy looked at him quizzically. “I should think that kind of a girl would rather appeal to you,” she said.

“I would like to know her very much,” said he, “but she didn't seem to like me.”

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“Not like you!” cried the other. “Why, how perfectly outrageous!”

“It was not her fault,” said Montague, smiling; “I am afraid I got myself a bad reputation.”

“Oh, you mean about Mrs. Winnie!” exclaimed Lucy.

“Yes,” said he, “that's it.”