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“I have no doubt of that,” responded Montague. “But I am through with gambling in Wall Street. I've seen enough of it, Oliver, and I'm sick of it. I don't like the emotions it causes in me—I don't like the things it makes me do.”

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“You found the money came in useful, didn't you?” said Oliver, sarcastically.

“Yes, I can use what I've got.”

“And when that's gone?”

“I don't know about that yet. But I'll find some way that I like better.”

“All right,” said Oliver; “it's your own lookout. I will make my own little pile.”

They rode down town in a cab together. “Where does your information come from this time?” asked Montague.

“The same source,” was the reply.

“And is it Transcontinental again?”

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“No,” said Oliver; “it's another stock.”

“What is it?”

“It's Mississippi Steel,” was the answer.

Montague turned and stared at him. “Mississippi Steel!” he gasped.

“Why, yes,” said Oliver. “What's that to you?” he added, in perplexity.

“Mississippi Steel!” Montague ejaculated again. “Why, didn't you know about my relations with the Northern Mississippi Railroad?”

“Of course,” said Oliver; “but what's that got to do with Mississippi Steel?”

“But it's Price who is managing the deal—the man who owns the Mississippi Steel Company!”

“Oh,” said the other, “I had forgotten that.” Oliver's duties in Society did not give him much time to ask about his brother's affairs.