What is the most profitable online in Wuwei, Gansu?

What is the most profitable online in Wuwei, Gansu?

“Did the no-show eat the wrong medicines today? Not only did he upload four chapters in a row, but he also didn’t ask for any votes!”

“He must have found a substitute writer!”

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At that point, Cui Geng’s heart was pounding.

D*mn it, he had been too eager to upload his chapters, and he had forgotten to ask for votes!

He had uploaded so many chapters without asking for any votes. It felt as bad as losing a hundred million dollars.

He continued reading.

“What does ‘d*mn’ mean? I don’t think I’ve seen him end off chapters with this tone before.”

“I guess the no-show has been kidnapped. The kidnappers must have forced him to write over eight thousand words. He’s left us a clue at the end of the last chapter!”

“Kidnappers, these two votes are for you. If you see this comment, keep him for a few more days. Thank you!”

“You have a vote from me as well. Keep him for two more days!”

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“Tentacled-Beast, if you’ve run into any problems in life, just let us know. Give us time to think of something. What would we do if your problems get resolved?”

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“Is this real? No-show, if you’ve been kidnapped, blink! I’ll thank the kidnappers!” Cui Geng was speechless.

What do you mean you’ll thank the kidnappers?!

Is that the kind of impression you have of me? Would kidnapping me be the only way to make me work hard to update my novels?