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「So we made a major reform this year. We renewed the teachers who had problems, including the former president, and introduced a recommended admission system to secure excellent human resources from this year. And this time – I was very thankful that I succeeded in securing three recommended students. These students are all the swordsmen that I have judged to be『transcendent』 in my eyes.」

While listening to the story silently, I had a bad feeling.

Should I say as expected or else, because the president said the unthinkable.

「Then, the three students who have been enrolled through the recommended admission: Ria Vesteria, Rose Valencia, and Allen Rodore please come up to the stage.」

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…………I’m done for.

The peaceful and safe student life I sought, disappeared like mist with just a single word from the president.

The surrounding students looked around to see the recommended enrollees, and the entire gymnasium became noisy in an instant.

(…I wonder if I can just sit like this and hide away?)

Such a wicked thought crossed my mind for a moment, but Leia-sensei was beckoning while looking straight at me, so I gave up on it.

Then, when I moved up to the stage, there was a face I knew in front of me.

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A dignified face featuring red eyes and beautiful pinkish silver hair extending to the back.


Rose-Valencia: Sakura Blossom One Sword-style user who fought in the finals of the Sword Festival.

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She recognised me and raised her right hand to greet me.

「It’s been a while, Allen.」