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What is the most profitable for online 2018

Ibuki stepped forward to confront Hashimoto and Kitō right alongside him.

“Wait wait wait. Take it easy.”

“The rumors about Ichinose and the rumors about us. Get Sakayanagi to apologize for both of them.”

“You’re still misunderstanding something. We didn’t spread the rumors.”

“What a joke!”

Ishizaki forcefully kicked the nearby handrail.

Hashimoto began to understand that the situation was getting a bit out of control.

“…Then, what are you gonna do about it?”

“Isn’t it obvious? We’ll shut you up by force.”

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“Are you serious?”

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“Yep. If that sounds unpleasant, then you better go and get her to take back the rumors right now.”

“I’ve already told you countless times. We didn’t spread the rumors.”

Even though he continued to deny it, Hashimoto also understood that it wasn’t an excuse that the others would easily accept.

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After all, the current state of affairs was essentially the same thing as Sakayanagi having declared war on Ichinose. It would be difficult for him to prove his innocence.

Hashimoto’s expression softened for a moment.