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“Shut up! And quickly go back to B Class”

“Oh! Isn’t that Ayanokoji-kun? It’s been a long time~”

I didn’t have many opportunities to meet Ms. Hoshinomiya because unlike other teachers that I saw regularly in class, she was also the doctor of the school. I bowed lightly and replied:

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“Summer is the season of love. If you want to confess to a man you like, maybe it could be effective if done before this beautiful sea?”

“The sea is beautiful but I can’t afford to do this during class”

She cried out. In view of the current situation, since everybody was staring, I wished she would stop getting involved with me.

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“I have to take it easy”

“Oi, should I report this as a behavioural problem to the school upper authorities? There is no more time left”

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“Ok ok, don’t glare at me like that…I understood, I really got it. See you”

She took her leave from Ms. Chabashira with a sad face. Just when Ms. Hoshinomiya went back to B Class, it was the only suitable time for Ms. Chabashira to bring up the subject.

“So, let’s explain the additional rules”

“Additional rules? There’s still something else…?”