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With that as our goal, the two of us proceeded to forge our way through the untamed forest.

1:55 PM. We arrived at our designated area, H5, in just under an hour.

Although we only received a single point for our efforts, it was still an important step in the right direction.

We had an hour until the next designation, so I wanted to go for a Task if at all possible.

Earlier, most of the available Tasks had been concentrated on the western half of the island, but now they were slowly beginning to pop up over here on the east.

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“Can you keep going?”

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I posed Nanase a question, watching her sit down as soon as we arrived to take a drink of water.

“Ah, yes!”

While it was praiseworthy that she was able to keep up with me, there was no way that she wasn’t exhausted right now.

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“You should take it easy and rest here.”


She seemed to be worried that I’d leave and abandon her.

“I’d say something if I wasn’t happy with having you accompany me. I’m not just going to disappear. Moreover, if you push yourself too far now, it’s only going to make it tougher for you to keep up later, right? Although there won’t be another random designation today, we may need to run for the next area if I decide to go for the Early Bird Bonus. I won’t be able to slow down and wait for you if it comes to that.”

Despite her frustrated expression, Nanase eventually acknowledged the limits of her endurance and nodded in agreement.

I felt sorry for her, but this would allow me to move without any restrictions, albeit only temporarily.

If I moved fast enough, I could probably make it to two or three of the Tasks sites in the nearby area, though whether or not I’d be able to participate in them was another matter.

Here in area H5, a ‘History Test’ Task would be starting soon, so I set off to go take part. The first-place group would only receive five points, but if you won, you’d get additional food provisions, so I wanted to make sure I got there in time.

Participation would be limited to only eight groups, which wasn’t a lot, so it’d be best if I moved quickly.

Shortly after setting off, I managed to catch sight of two three-person groups racing against each other through the sea of trees, and from what it looked like, they were headed toward the History Task just like I was.