Is online game making money reliable?

Is online game making money reliable?

“There are so many best-selling novels and comics on the shelf. The paper cups and warm water are free too…”

After looking around at the various facilities in the booth, the lady fell silent for a moment. Then, she said, “I just spent ten yuan to take a few photos, sit here for some rest, and drink two cups of water… what a loss.”

The man quietly picked up a comic book from the shelf and said, “Take it as an IQ tax.”

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The lady, “…are you saying I have a low IQ?”

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Opposite the shared phone booth, in a dessert shop…

Zhang Wang and He Desheng sipped at their drinks while they looked in the direction of the shared phone booth.

“Three hours have passed since the shopping center opened in the morning.

“Many people came to look at the shared phone booth, but the only one who paid to enter was that lady who wanted to take photographs.” He Desheng sighed. “That’s why I told you before not to rush things. You should have waited until the various facilities for the phone booth were ready and the design was complete before you moved the booth into the shopping center.

“It’s no wonder that customers are not paying for your half-completed product. “Currently, the quality-price ratio of the phone booth is horrible. People have to pay ten yuan to go in and read some comics, have some warm water, and sit in there for fifteen minutes. That amounts to forty yuan per hour. They can play at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe for four hours with that same amount of money.” “We don’t have the most important facilities —the drinks machine and the karaoke machine.”

Zhang Wang looked determined. “It doesn’t matter. Once the shared phone booth’s facilities have been installed, the price will make sense to everyone.

“So… how are things going with the artist? That’s what I’m more concerned about.”

He Desheng shook his head. “I have asked around, but I still can’t find a suitable one. After all, Jingzhou is not like Beijing or Shanghai, where there are many more impressive artists…

“Still, I think Boss Pei might have an idea. Tengda’s main business is developing games. I’m sure we can contact some famous artists.

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“However… we have already used up our budget. I wonder if Boss Pei would be upset if we ask him to fork out more money for us to hire an artist…”

Resolute, Zhang Wang said, “Let me talk to Boss Pei, then! I believe he will understand.

After a moment of silence, He Desheng said, “Yes, that’s true. As long as you explain to Boss Pei what the shared phone booth is supposed to look like according to your plan, I’m sure Boss Pei would understand.”

Zhang Wang shook his head. “That wouldn’t do. I’m an honest person. I have to truthfully tell him how the shared phone booth is doing now.

“Boss Pei trusts me so much; how can I lie to him?! I believe Boss Pei will appreciate my honesty!”

“Appreciate your honesty… what a naive thought,” said He Desheng as he rested his head in his hands. “Alright, if this were Fu Hui Investments, you would never get more funding by acting this way.