money transfer via email

money transfer via email

The first was for game design and the requirements were passion for games. Those who were well versed in using the cloud editor would be prioritized.

The second was for art design and the requirements were that they had to have a certain artistic flair such that they could fully understand the intents of the game designers and be able to communicate with the outsourced team as well.

The third was for administrative work and the requirements were that they had to be female with decent looks and poise.

The salary offered was higher than the industry average and the actual sum would be negotiated when they met.

He did not look for programmers because the games could be completed with just the cloud editor and templates alone. Operating the cloud editor was a job mainly for the game designers and it was an issue of how they executed it, that’s all.

For specific requirements, they could request for it through the cloud editors where specialized programmers would complete it remotely. They would pay these people on a freelance basis and there would be no need to hire their own programmers.

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As for the art designers, they would be in charge of communicating as well.

There were many art resources within the cloud editor and they could request for custom-made ones with specific design teams too.

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The specific process would require experts to negotiate and discuss and these experts would need to have artistic flair. Otherwise, they would not be able to understand one another and the efficiency would be extremely low.

As for the administrative positions...

It wouldn’t be overboard to recruit a couple of beautiful women as receptionists after they’ve gone through the effort to make the office so swanky, right?

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Xin Hailu was not just Pei Qian’s assistant, she was in charge of various other matters through the office as well. It was only right to assign her some admin staff to lighten some of the trivialities.

Pei Qian’s requirements for the job were extremely vague.

Take the game designer positions for example, he had merely mentioned that they had to love games and those who knew how to operate cloud editors would be prioritized.

That was a barrier of entry that was almost non-existent.

If he had set the barrier too high, the people recruited would be elites of the industry and that wouldn’t work out.

He had to lower his requirements so that he could get a couple of trashes to shortlist.

With that, all his preparation work was almost completed.

His office space was settled and the office equipment would be set soon as well.