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As a kid I admired and respected such a father with eyes shining... But now...

“Hey, Earth. I had some work to do and came to the training ground, but... I heard you lost to the princess again.”


The father who taunts me with a nasty grin. So annoying.

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“Her father Solja and I were in the academy together. I never won a match against His Majesty other than the [Graduation Commemorative Match]. But your opponent is a girl, right? Isn’t losing every match pathetic?”

“...... Hmm...”

“Well, unlike you, your dad was in a pinch before graduation because of the written exams, so you might be better off. In the end, what truly makes a man is this.”

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Saying that, my father gently hit my jaw with his fist.

Is the man trying to say, “Power is what makes a man”?

“...... Well, then again my dad could help with my sword training. If you taught me the swordsmanship the Hero used to defeat the Great Demon King... could I beat the princess?”

Half serious and half in jest, a little, I asked my father to examine my progress.

But my father laughed.

“I don’t know... I’d like to guide you, but I’m too busy with work. So, diligently follow your training instructor or Sadiz. Besides, you can’t use [That Sword] yet. So, we’ll see.”

Again, it’s the same as always.

“Well, you’re the type to grow slowly. Take your time and do your best.”

I’m my father’s son. Yet, I have never been taught swords, magic, etc. by my father.