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Moreover, Useful App was an all-encompassing and mountainous task; where should they start?

The first thing Yu Pingan thought of was some basic knowledge.

Boss Pei said... Useful APP was a long-term plan, and some ambiguous issues would rather not be made if they were made wrongly.

Start with a certain field of basic knowledge, do a little bit, test water... if the effect was good, then extend it to more fields, and expand step by step.

The focus would not be on quantity but on quality, to ensure that this app truly deserved its name.

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Therefore, he went to Handong University to visit Professor Kong.

Handong University, especially the Faculty of Art and Science, was quite supportive of this cooperation. In fact, cooperation between school and enterprise had always been strongly supported and advocated by the State, and it was nothing new for many science academies to conduct joint research with enterprises.

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The Faculty of Arts and Sciences had less cooperation with companies due to its specialty. If this Useful App were to succeed, it would be a win-win attempt.

What’s more, Tengda Group was based in Jingzhou, and President Pei had donated money to his alma mater time and time again. With this relationship, it would be much easier to talk about cooperation.

The only problem was that the college could not decide for Professor Kong Zhemin.

That was because Professor Kong needed to tutor graduate students, teach undergraduates, and do research. Would the old man have the time and energy to join the project as a special consultant? This was a question mark.

Therefore, if Yu Pingan had to do his best if he wanted to move the great Buddha that was Professor Kong today.

After calming down, Yu Pingan entered the family building and knocked on the door on the second floor.

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After a while, the anti-theft door opened, and a gray-haired, energetic old professor looked up and down at Yu Pingan: “Boss Yu, right?”

Yu Pingan hurriedly said: “Prof Kong, you can call me Little Yu. I’m sorry to disturb you.”