What is the most profitable in middle school students?

What is the most profitable in middle school students?

“Pay cuts for violating violations? What exactly did you do?”

“I’m not going to tell you that.”

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“Is it because of something that happened during Class B and D’s exam? We’ll hear about this sooner or later. But if it has something to do with Tsukishiro’s improper acts, I think it’s better to speak out now, or problems may occur later.“

“That has nothing to do with the current situation.”

Instead of Mashima-sensei who was not planning to explain, it was Chabashira-sensei that spoke up.

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“Let me explain. During the selection event of class B and D, one of the selected events of Class D was Judo. The student participating was Albert Yamada. Class B’s Ichinose lost all her fighting spirit during then, which resulted in her failing to select a student to participate.

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“Because the opponent was Yamada-kun, this was expected. Probably no-one among the first year can beat him in judo.”

“Of course, Ichinose had already decided on who was going to participate in the judo event. However, if the student was chosen randomly, just like that, what would happen? Something unpredictable would occur. You should be aware of this.”

Once the time was up, students who hadn’t yet participated in any events would be automatically selected.

Not only the boys, but girls are also no exception too.

“Even if they had lost immediately, nothing would have happened as a result. But this was Class B, and they would do anything for the sake of their companions. The selected students will most likely go all out for Ichinose.”

No matter who the opponent was, Albert would not hold back in order to bring them down.

In that case, it was likely it would have resulted in a major accident.

As a result, Mashima-sensei decided that Class B was defeated, without even having a fight. This might have caused Acting Director Tsukishiro to become unhappy with him.