Things that can really make money online

Things that can really make money online

“The game’s AI might affect some gaming experience but I feel that with the current AI technology, the game’s combat experience would not improve much even if the game’s AI is done.”

“At the moment, this DEMO is just a silver spear tip that looks good but is useless. There is absolutely no problem with the graphics, but the gameplay does not attract me at all.”

“Good graphics also means high requirements for computer hardware. That would further reduce the number of gamers. That would be very disadvantageous for a game with such a huge investment.”

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“How much of that 500 million yuan do we have left? It’s not too late to stop losses now. Change the gameplay, make use of the current art resources, and create a new game. We won’t lose all the hard-earned 500 million yuan.”

Pei Qian was elated.

Lose all the hard-earned money?

That’s great!

Pei Qian had already explained the basic design concepts of the game to He An at the start of the project. He had received a ‘definite loss’ reply. However, Pei Qian still felt uneasy before the game was created.

He An still felt that the game would definitely lose money now that he had played the game’s DEMO. What’s more, he would lose all his hard-earned money. This undoubtedly gave Pei Qian a boost!

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However, Hu Xianbin was unhappy.

He frowned, disagreeing with He An’s decision in sentencing ‘Mission and Choice’ to death.

That was because this was just a DEMO. The plot had not been added and the content was missing. Wasn’t it too early to say that it would fail?

Most importantly, this was Boss Pei’s idea!

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How could Boss Pei’s creativity be wrong?

Thus, Hu Xianbin subconsciously wanted to retort.

He An might be a veteran, but different designers would have different views on the game. There would be differences in opinions and even arguments when it became intense.