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Of course in Karuizawa's case, she's not saying this with a sexual meaning, she probably means it's strange for me to not go out when the opportunity to do so presented itself.

"For better or for worse, Satou is a normal girl. She would naturally want a normal romance. But, looking at it objectively, do you really think I'm capable of such a normal romance?".

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"That is......slightly difficult to imagine".

It is only because it is Karuizawa, who understands me better than anyone else, that she is able to understand this too.

I, too, long for a normal romance. Being confessed to by a cute girl and leading a bittersweet school life was something I had thought about more than once or twice. However, as expected, it really won't end up being the same romantic pattern that Satou had envisioned. Even if I forced myself into going out with her here, I would only be wasting her time in vain. If she becomes disillusioned with me later, the school life that's been lost won't ever come back.

"Hey, you~. It's not really my place to say but you might have been a bit too mean".

"Indeed, Kiyotaka's different from the normal boys. And besides, the 'you' that others see normally is just a lie, right?".

"Lie, or rather, it is a fact that I'm not showing them everything".

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"That's why you're correct in thinking when you show them your true self, there are girls who would be disillusioned with you. But you know, once you've fallen in love, there are also times when you no longer care about such things. It's just my onesided prediction, but, I think Satou-san would have accepted Kiyotaka".

"So that's what you mean?".

"That is what I mean. Well, since you've rejected her already, it's all over though. Even though I had just released the Arrow of Cupid. To think it's going to coming back shortly".

"The Arrow of Cupid?".

"Don't mind it. It's no longer relevant anymore".

She grinned and laughed like a little devil.

"Girls get over their feelings quickly so Satou-san will probably fall in love with another boy, right?".

"That is something that can't be helped. Isn't that right?".

"Some~how I can also hear some regret too though".

"Please leave it be. That's my choice".

I did say that, but, there seemed to have been some unconvincing aspects of it left behind in Karuizawa.