Is there an app to make money online? Is it true?

Is there an app to make money online? Is it true?

In addition, Boss Pei’s requests went a little further. Not only did he want the apartment to be minimalistic and look outstanding, but he also wanted the renovations to cost more than five hundred thousand yuan per floor and for there to be all kinds of entertainment facilities inside.

The apartments would be targeting an extremely small group, wouldn’t they?

Still, on further thought, Liang Qingfan realized that Sloth Apartments were meant to be rented and not sold.

If the rent was reasonable, young people would likely try to rent an apartment for themselves. At the moment, renting a slightly better apartment with two rooms and a living room in Jingzhou would cost about 2,300 yuan.

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An apartment in Sloth Apartments would probably be able to accommodate three to five young people. Based on the above standardas long as Boss Pei charged about six thousand yuan for each apartment and the groups of young people split it among themselves, there would still be significant demand.

Thus, Liang Qingfan held back his comments and silently wrote down Boss Pei’s requests. Then, he began to think about how to conduct the soft renovations to fulfill Boss Pei’s requests.

At the same time, Pei Qian thought about how to turn as many tenants away as possible by raising the rent of this place above eight thousand yuan and yet not be stopped by the System.

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After surveying the building, Pei Qian instructed Little Sun to send Liang Qingfan back to the hotel for some rest while he returned to his office at Shenhua View. Until now, Pei Qian had already taken a lot of precautions with Sloth Apartments.

The apartment looked too fancy for those who preferred practicality.

To prevent ballers from taking a liking to the condominium, the apartments would take on a minimalistic style, so that it would not look too much like ‘garden villas’.

What’s more, Pei Qian had purchased the building and was planning to rent the apartments out. That meant no matter whether he could rent them out or not, for the next few cycles-or even tens of cycles after this; he would not get to recover his capital.

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The soft renovations for each apartment would cost about 3.5 million yuan. If he fixed rent at eight or nine thousand yuan per month, even if people consistently rented the apartments, after accounting for expenses like cleaning and maintenance; he still wouldn’t be able to do so.