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In response to Ryuuen's glare, Nagumo laughed as though that fascinated him.

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Hashimoto too, having returned to the corridor to see what's going on, met Nagumo's gaze.

"I've heard you're quite the delinquent. You're Ryuuen, right? I'm going to have a little chat with Horikita-senpai now but you should tag along too".

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You too, as though saying that he spoke to Hashimoto too.

"Not interested".

Ryuuen shoulder checked Nagumo.

"Bullish, aren't you? Aren't you afraid of me, Ryuuen?".

"Student council president or whatever else you might be, I'll crush anyone who gets in my way".

Nagumo seems to now harbor a certain degree of interest in Ryuuen, who didn't budge an inch.

"I don't really dislike your type. But you're not cut out to be part of my student council".

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When Ryuuen tried to walk away, Nagumo again called out to him.

"As a third party, why don't you make a bet? In today's special exam, between my group and Horikita-senpai's group, which one do you think will rank higher? 10,000 points per bet. How about that? No matter which side you bet on, as long as you hit the mark I'll pay up that amount. If it's a miss I'll have you pay up though".

"That's stupid. I'm not interested in that sort of money".

"10,000 is 'that sort of money' for you, huh? You're Class D so you're always short on money, aren't you? You could earn a bit more, you know?".

"Then go with 1 million. I'll bite if you're willing to pay up that much".

Ryuuen said that and turned around.

"Hahaha. You're a funny one, Ryuuen. A bold joke. You can go now".