Is it true about the online micro-profit?

Is it true about the online micro-profit?

- 6. Subject to the rules, small groups can be freely formed within one’s year (up to 3 people.)

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- 7. Forming big groups during the exam won’t be easy.

That’s the gist of it, but that explanation alone still doesn’t give a complete picture of the exam.

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“I’ve given you all a tedious explanation so far, but there’s more to explain apart from that.”

Chabashira took a breath and continued to what needed to be explained.

“Take a look at this.”

The monitor display switched screens, displaying 8 items.

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Basic Cards overview

1. Head Start: At the start of the exam, the points you can use are multiplied by 1.5.

2. Bonus: The owner of this card gets twice as many private points from rewards.

3. Half Off: In the event of a penalty, reduces the number of private points to be paid by half. Only valid for the cardholder.

4. Free Ride: Designate a group at the start of the exam. Receive as a bonus half of the private points won by the designated group. Joining with the designated group nullifies the effect of the card.

5. Insurance: In case the owner of this card is to be eliminated due to ill health, gives that person one grace day to recover. Not valid if the elimination is due to cheating.

Special Cards overview

1. More People: The owner of this card can join a group as the 7th person. This card can be used once the exam starts, and the required ratio of boys to girls will not apply.

2. Nullify: In the event of a penalty, reduces the number of private points to be paid to 0. Only valid for the cardholder.

3. Trial: Receive the right to get 1.5 times as many class points from the rewards of the special exam. However, the group will be penalized if they don’t enter the top 30%! (MISSING)The school will provide the additional class points for the rewards.

“What, what are those?”

“These are like items that can affect the uninhabited island survival exam, and everyone will receive one of these. Except for one of them, there is no harm to having one of these. You can more or less understand that by reading the instructions.”