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"Your body huh. That might not be a bad idea."

My finger tips slides across Karuizawa's thighs. The softness I feel is almost inhuman. The smoothness of her skins is very different from what I know and what I have.

She desperately tried to get away from me. I strengthened my hold on her cheeks and made her look into my eyes.

"Do not resist. If you do then I will release everything about to the school."

This line, like a curse, had cursed her body into a constrained stiffness.

Anger, horrified, fear, despair. Yes, how much emotion has Karuizawa been carrying?

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She should notice that right now I am completely different from the persona I projected in everyday lives.

"Spread your legs."

I ordered. Karuizawa's tears began to dropped as she slowly spread them.

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Even if she knows she will be violated here, she will wants to protect the place she has right now.

The pain from her bullying has taken control, and this is the proof.

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I placed my hand on my belt and intentionally played with the metal buckle. Even then, Karuizawa did not run away.

She is trying desperately to accept this new reality. She looked at me with hollowed eyes, and muttered to herself.

I stand correct. Karuizawa Kei is a usable tool.

My goal is not her body. I am threatening her to see how far she would go to protect what she has.

It is a risky gamble for me to reveal my true nature. If Karuizawa runs away and reports on me, then our positions would be completely reverse. But this girl can not do it.