Online filling in painting

Online filling in painting

The more teams there were in the league, the more tightly packed the schedule would be. Sixteen teams meant that there would probably be one or two days of rest in a week. The rest of the time could be taken up by matches.

That was an unimaginable thing for the current E-Sports scene.

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Most games did not even have a league. Even if they did, there would only be five or six teams fighting.

Yet, the GPL wanted 16 teams right from the start?

Was there a need?

Zhang Yuan felt that it would be best if there were 12 teams, and if he added one every year. That would be the best way to maximize profits.

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Pei Qian was determined. “Don’t think about the future. Sell all the slots now!”

Zhang Yuan: “Then... what would the base price be?”

Pei Qian pondered for a moment and said, “There’s no base price. They’ll bid as much as they can.”

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Zhang Yuan was stunned. “Boss Pei, we’ll have to extend the deadline then, right? After all, we did not say that we would be selling GPL slots. Now that we suddenly decided to sell it, we’ll have to give everyone a few days to prepare, right?”

Pei Qian was silent.

Plans could not keep up with changes.

Initially, he had not intended to sell the GPL slots. However, since the price would increase as time went by, he decided to sell them as soon as possible. It would be best if he sold them at a low price before anyone realized how valuable they were.

That would minimize pitfalls in the future.

“Give everyone three days, then. The auction will begin in three days. The GOG teams of the three clubs and the remaining six GPL spots will be auctioned together!