Is it very profitable online PPT?

Is it very profitable online PPT?

Nagumo said, perhaps feeling sorry since he had been winning consecutively.

"By the way, Ishikura-senpai, how's the club doing?".

"You don't have any interest in basketball, do you?".

"No such thing. Of course, my interest in it isn't to the extent of my interest in soccer though".

"This year we've had some athletic 1st years joining so we may be able to expect great things next year. We didn't really achieve much this year after all. It's pathetic to admit this as the captain though".

There are several 1st years who have joined the basketball club but in all likelihood, he's referring to Sudou when he spoke of athletic 1st years.

Sudou's hard work seems to have attracted the attention of even a retired 3rd year.

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"I'm looking forward to that".

"You seem to be focusing solely on the student council though. Don't you have any lingering feelings for soccer?".

"It's not like I was aiming to make it as a professional. Besides, I can continue playing soccer wherever I want. It's just that the role of student council president at this school is really attractive for me".

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"It's great that you're working hard at the student council but I have misgivings about you picking fights with Horikita".

"Picking a fight is not my intent. I want to be acknowledged by my senpai who I've idolized for a long time now. Those pure feelings are all I have".

Ishikura gave Nagumo a glance but then immediately turned back towards his cards.