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“I see how it works.”’


At that moment, I pointed my fingers at him as I screamed the hardest I ever have in my whole life.


The person in question bulged his eyes and freaked out as he turned to me. Unexpectedly, his face looks innocent, and he looks tiny in Otobuki High School’s uniform.

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-Yes, it’s at this moment.

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I, Ayumu Kiriya, a live streamer with a twisted temper.

Made the first contact with the game-loving and clumsy high school boy, Keita Amano.

“S-S-S-Sorry for the intrusion…”

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“Alright, just come in. You can sit anywhere you want. …No, you can sit in front of that table.”


The high school boy that looked around suspiciously as he entered my room, Keita Amano. I tidied my room quickly as I observed him in silence.

(Nice, I finally got him inside my house. Well, what should I do next…)

It’s been 30 minutes since I met him in front of the game store. As for what took 30 minutes, …I spent all of that time- convincing him.

“Sorry, will you be good with non-cold coffee?”

“Ah, no thanks. I’ll be leaving soon…”

Keita Amano still stood in front of the table as he shook his head politely. I smiled and put the coffee in front of him.

(It’ll be a headache if you’re going home too fast.)

At least go back after I got some fantastic footage.