Do you sell clothes on Taobao?

Do you sell clothes on Taobao?

“Which game should I be playing today?”

Looking at the reminder on the calendar, Pei Qian suddenly realized that today was the day Tengda experience shop’s big screen was completed and would be officially opened!

That made Pei Qian a little depressed.

He had to go out again!

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The experience shop was already very popular during the test run but they still had to take a look after the big screen was fixed.

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Even if it was more popular than before, he had to see how popular it was and have some expectations.

Pei Qian reluctantly sat up on his bed to wash up before realizing that Boss Li had sent him a message.

“Boss Pei, thank you for the matter with the Cold-Faced Lady!”

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It was very short. Obviously, Li Shi thought that everyone was smart. They knew each other very well.

However, when Pei Qian saw this message, he held onto his toothbrush, his mouth filled with foam. He thought for half a minute but could not understand what it meant.

Cold-Faced Lady?

Why are you thanking me?