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Sell Shandong pancakes to make money online?

As for Pei Qian’s seniors—even if they had read online literature before, they knew nothing about the internal creative process.

If they were all that good, they would have started writing online literature on their own a long time ago. Why would they still be unemployed now?

Ma Yiqun’s own judgment and understanding were off, and yet he had to guide editors, examine manuscripts, give recommendations, and the like. That would make him all the more unreliable!

Then, the wrong manuscripts would be accepted, the resident authors would be full-time failures, and the readers would not be able to find good reads on the website. These would form a vicious cycle…

En, that sounded right.

To be honest, Pei Qian’s considerations did seem overly ridiculous. Would it be that easy to succeed?

If he wanted to seriously create a website for online literature, Pei Qian could diligently look for experienced editors in the industry and pour huge sums of money into looking for incredible writers. Even then, there would be a huge chance that he would fail.

It was not easy to be profitable in this industry.

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Since he could not change the ending, he might as well make some arrangements to allow Ma Yiqun to fulfill his dream.

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What was money? Fulfilling his employees’ dreams was Boss Pei’s lifelong mission!

In the end, to find a place to have lunch, I made my way to the stern on the fifth floor where there were fewer people. This is where I spoke with Himeno last night, and I’ve already confirmed that it’s a place that people rarely go to.

For the next few minutes, forgetting my original goal in coming here, I just stared at the rough waves created by the ship’s movement.

At that moment, an unexpected person approached.