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What are the reliable online part-time money?

The three clubs were training in the internet cafe. However, FV Club was on the second floor while the other two clubs were in the corner of the first floor.

The members of the two clubs had just used Finger Games’ super account to play a few rounds of RANK with their high ranking accounts. At that moment, they were waiting to compete in training competitions with the European and American teams.

The two teams might be training together but they maintained a certain distance on the first floor of the internet cafe.

The reason was simple. They had to be wary of each other.

While they would definitely not be assigned to the same group, they might run into each other once they left the group stages. Both sides had to reserve some trump cards just in case.

One of the team leaders looked at the time anxiously. “He’s not here yet? Is the room number wrong?”

The team member shook his head. “It is correct.”

“He’s here, he’s here!”

Five new players entered the custom rooms one after another. Their IDs were all starting with FRY.

These players did not say anything after entering. They only typed: “GO?”

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The leader was a little unhappy but still said, “Yes, let’s go.”

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The training competition officially began after the team members replied with a ‘GO’.

FRY Club was considered a veteran foreign club. The GOG team that they had previously formed had made it to the semi-finals of GOG’s international invitational tournament and obtained fourth place. That was already the best result that foreign teams had achieved.

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To be able to achieve such results in a project that started late showed the strength and foundation of FRY Club.