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Gruesome bone-breaking sound echoed and his consciousness sank to the bottom of darkness.

Allen, who brutally beat down two people of national force class at the same time without any trouble, felt a strong dissatisfaction.

「A”a… Seriously, this doesn’t even serve as warm up dammit!」

The moment he stretched greatly while clicking his tongue,

The Director of Thousand Blade Academy, Leia Lasnode, appeared in front of him.

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She arrived at this place just a minute ago and had been waiting for an『opportunity』.

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The haughty and confident『Allen Rodore』will surely display a『big opening』, she believed.

「No Sword Style – Sever!」

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Her perfectly timed True Fist, pierced the air in vain.

(My fist… Was avoided at this distance?! At this timing?!)

As colour drained from her face,

「Yoho, Black Fist. How’s your mood today? …E”e?」

Leia felt hopelessness, hearing the voice coming from behind her.

She missed the only weak point of a spirit core, initial stiffness, and never stood a chance of winning in the first place.

「Thanks to you, it’s the worst… How did you get out『from inside that』?」

「Haha, course of events. I was lucky!」

Allen perfectly copied the True Fist that Leia unleashed moments ago.

No Sword Style – Sever.