Is it legal if you are talking about chatting online?

Is it legal if you are talking about chatting online?

Then, the third option—real shooting + movie CG—seemed to be a good way. Not only could it spend more money, but it could also guarantee the development period while lengthening the CG period.

Here’s the problem:

What if it became a blockbuster again if Fei Huang Workspace were to bring this movie to the cinema?

Wouldn’t Boss Pei have a heart attack if the game made a profit and the movie made another profit?

However, Pei Qian changed his mind since he had never heard of game companies doing it. It indicated that there must be big problems with this model.

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Movies and game CGs were not the same things in essence after all.

“Erm... I would like to express my opinion.” Zhu Xiaoce, who had been silent until now, raised his hand to say.

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“Brother Huang, your idea is too ideal.

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“Make a game CG and screen it in the movies by-the-way to make profits on both sides seemed to be pretty perfect, but no game companies had ever done it.

“There is basically no precedent in the world, be it the games company releasing a game CG as a movie or to take the movie to make it into game CG.

“Why? Because it doesn’t work!

“A movie wants us to tell a whole story within that time frame. There must be a coherent plot and rich elements. The same is true for sci-fi.