Is online part-time job?

Is online part-time job?

『Huh, my magic eye... it was during wartime, when I divulged to possessing Heraldic Eyes, but in fact it was misinformation.』

「Eh? 」

『Humanity was the enemy... so I spread the fabrication to deceive your father.』

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Seriously? I didn’t know that. Because, the Demon King’s Heraldic Eyes were pretty well known.

『The eyes I posses... are the eyes that further evolved from the Heraldic Eye. Tis called the 【Six-Gate Eye(Rikudou gan)】.』 [2]

「Si, Six-Gate? It is the first time I’m hearing this, but... 」

『Huh, tis the eye that is believed to be the root of all Magic Eyes. In the first place, tis said that the three Major Magic Eyes were branched out in the midst of their long history as the 【Six-Gate Eye】 was passed down to the descendants. 』

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「What, eh, no way... really? 」

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『Yes, in short, that is the answer when it comes to the question of the three Major Magic Eyes, as a matter of fact, my eyes are not among the three Major Magic Eyes, they are of a class above them. 』

So it was, had the originator himself not informed me, I would have been made to take the supplementary lesson without a doubt.

In that case, he should naturally know the answers about his abilities.

I was lucky it was a question about the Great Demon King.

“Hey, Earth. Answer quickly. What are the eyes of the Great Demon King?”

“The eyes... The eyes of the beginning of all, not among the three great magic eyes. 【Six-Gate Eye】!”

That’s why I answered the instructor in full confidence with a smile.

“...... What was that?”


『...... What? 』

The instructor made a dumbfounded face as he tilted his head.