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Then I lean on the tree and take one of the books and open it.

Tre’ainar looks in from over my shoulder, his eyes shimmering.

In a park with a lot of families and couples, I read with the Great Demon King in the shade of a tree?

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Regrettably... this, isn’t it really too lovey-dovey?

Huh, reading a book with the Great Demon King, is this a first in history?

『Hey, child. Move to the next page!』

“Well, I’m still reading! It’s my first time, and I’m not used to reading such books in the first place, so don’t rush!”

Tre’ainar isn’t bothered about the surreal situation we’re in, seems he’s really immersed in the book.

If I don’t finish reading the page, I can’t move on to the next one, so I have no choice but to go on reading.

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Right from the start, I was attracted to the story’s setting.

It contains some difficult terms, but it can be read normally.

The main character is –

『Hey, child... still?』

『Then, next page...』