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This way, the originally low margin for error was decreased even more.

After making the alterations, Li Yada stood up and handed the controller to Pei Qian as she stood aside.

She wanted to see how Boss Pei was going to play this game!

Boss Pei was so confident when he asked me to triple the attack strength of the monsters in the game. Could it be he felt that the difficulty level of the game wasn’t challenging enough for him?

Perhaps, Boss Pei was a game god like Bao Xu; he could only find joy in playing games with higher levels of difficulty?

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Li Yada pushed her spectacles as she focused all her attention and watched.

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Pei Qian took the game controller, sat in his chair, and started playing.

The initial setting was in a small village. This had been a peaceful small village, but many people had lost their souls and spirits and became wandering souls. These people’s clothes were tattered, and their faces were very sullen. They held some strange weapons in their hands. Some held choppers, hoes, sickles, hayforks, and other farming equipment. Others were bare-handed while some held onto rocks.

The monsters were scattered all around the village and were acting rather strangely.

Some with axes were hacking at woodpiles; however, there wasn’t any wood on them. They kept on raising and lowering their axes repeatedly. Others were squatting at the corner of walls, facing the falls and continuously muttering incoherently.

Even more were walking towards the walls of buildings. They had lost all rationality but would still subconsciously walk towards the Road to the Underworld. However, they could not make out that they were facing a wall.

A few were floating about aimlessly in the village and would cry out and scream like madmen when they saw people who were still in possession of their mental faculties.