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Ike comes over to report. It was a request for a not-so-little bonus. Even as he smiles bitterly, Hirata writes down 42.6 on the notebook.

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Sotomura got 41, and Miyamoto who came afterwards got 48 and certainly, there were a lot of results under 50.

"I 60 was high....".

Apparently I was wrong for having asked someone like Sudou about the national average. There's no possible way he would know all that. I had thought to avoid participating in the contests by firmly staying in the middle but it was a huge miscalculation. At this rate it may become necessary for me to participate in some Recommended Only Participation events.

As a result, leaving aside Kouenji, I ended up as 2nd place in the class. I've made a blunder.

Next up, 3rd place is Hirata with 57.9.

As I thought, an omnipotent man like him could produce unwavering results even here.

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On the other hand, Sudou who intends on carrying the entire class in the sports festival, did not hide his disappointment at the results of his classmates.

"How unreliable, my class that is.....except for me everyone else is like trash. Currently it might as well be over after Ayanokouji".

Even if it's a fact, that he's able to say that with the people in question right beside him is one of the amazing things about Sudou.

After the boys all finished measuring, this time they handed over the measuring instrument to the girls. I suppose it's obvious since there are mixed competitions where strength will be required of them just as it is of the boys.

Currently, Hirata was filling in the total measured results into the Recommended Only Participation events frame and putting them together on the notebook.

"Tug of war and omnidirectional tug of war can simply be in the order of grip strength then. Sudou-kun, Ayanokouji-kun, Miyake-kun and me".

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"Hey, I'm curious about something but I've never heard about that omnidirectional tug of war. I've never heard of it you know".

"I haven't heard of it either so I researched it. Exactly as it sounds like, it seems like a contest where you pull a rope in all four directions. From 4 classes, their chosen 4 each with 16 in total pulling on the rope all at once, it appears to be that sort of contest".