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“In that case, hmmm… Could you first ask about Komiya’s feelings for me, Ishizaki?”

“So you just want to know if he actually likes Shinohara, Ayanokouji?”

“Yeah, but please keep the fact that somebody’s specifically asking for this under wraps.”

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“Of course, but how should I confirm that? Any ideas?”

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Nishino lent a helping hand to Ishizaki, who couldn’t think of a way to approach Komiya on this matter.

“Ayanokouji-kun, you saw the two of them enjoying each other’s company, right? Then let’s just pretend that Ishizaki was the one who witnessed this instead of you and use it to find out whether they’re dating. As a guy who’s not popular with girls, it would simply look like he cared that his friend might have gotten a girlfriend before him, right?”

Ishizaki, who had little material to use as a motive for asking, immediately accepted Nishino’s suggestion.

“Fe-feels somewhat empty as a motive, but I suppose it’ll work… Al-Alright, I’ll give it a try then. Give me a moment. club activities haven’t yet started—”

Ishizaki guessed that it might just work, and gave Komiya a call after saying that.

“… Ah, Komiya? Sorry to call you right before club activities start. Ah no, I’ve got something I wanted to ask you. Did you talk to Shinohara from Class D this morning? … Just as I thought. No, we formed a pact of not getting a girlfriend before telling each other, but I think you might be leaving me behind in that respect.”

Ishizaki smoothly asked Komiya about Shinohara, unexpectedly.

“You’re telling me you aren’t dating? Really? If you’re lying, then you’ll be in trouble later, eh?”

After confirming that Komiya and Shinohara weren’t dating, Ishizaki made an OK gesture with his right hand.

However, immediately after that, his expression changed slightly.

“Eh… Seriously? Oh, oh, I see, ahh…”

Ishizaki, was asking the questions in a manner easy for me to understand, but the amount of information I got from him suddenly diminished.

He was listening carefully to what Komiya was saying on the other end of the phone.