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During this time, …Main-san shot a cold and insulting glare at Tendou-san.

“HOWEVER, the largest threat is already neutralized. There should be no problem, right?”

Tendou-san bit her lips tightly to the declaration that practically said the rest of the time is just garbage.

“Who knows!”

Her eyes are still burning with determination. Main-san looked at her and smiled, “Not bad.”

So, the remaining two are about to start the final battle-

“Oho, before that.”

-That moment.

When everyone’s not noticing-

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It’s literally like an accident.

The demon king-sama, the demon king-sama that grasps everything. The weakling at the side-

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-which is Chiaki’s character. She knocked her out with a sudden attack.

At this moment, even Tendou-san’s face turned stiff, not to mention Chiaki.

Chiaki immediately tried to make a comeback. As for Tendou-san, as if she’s avenging her- she attacked furiously with the window caused by Main-san attacking Chiaki.


“Oh, nice, I love this momentum! It reminds me of- Amako in the past!”