"What are you afraid of?""Old Vincent has got all sorts of arms in there. He has sworn to methat the first person who forced his way into the apartments, hewould kill him like a dog. Suppose he should fire at us?"She was afraid, terribly afraid: she was livid, and her teethchattered.

"Let me go first," suggested M. de Tregars.

"No. Only, if you were a good fellow, you would do what I am goingto ask you. Say, will you?""If it can be done.""Oh, certainly! Here is the thing. We'll go in together; but youmust not make any noise. There is a large closet with glass doors,from which every thing can be heard and seen that goes on in thelarge room. You'll get in there. I'll go ahead, and draw out oldVincent into the parlor and at the right moment, v'lan! you appear."It was after all, quite reasonable.

"Agreed!" said Marius.

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"Then," she said, "every thing will go on right. The entrance ofthe closet with the glass doors is on the right as you go in. Comealong now, and walk easy."And she opened the door.

The apartment was exactly as described by Mme. Cadelle. In thedark and narrow ante-chamber, three doors opened, - on the left,that of the dining-room; in the centre, that of a parlor andbedroom which communicated; on the right, that of the closet. M.

de Tregars slipped in noiselessly through the latter, and at oncerecognized that Mme. Zelie had not deceived him, and that he wouldsee and hear every thing that went on in the parlor. He saw theyoung woman walk into it. She laid her provisions down upon thetable, and called,"Vincent!"The former cashier of the Mutual Credit appeared at once, comingout of the bedroom.

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He was so changed, that his wife and children would have hesitatedin recognizing him. He had cut off his beard, pulled out almostthe whole of his thick eye-brows, and covered his rough andstraight hair under a brown curly wig, He wore patent-leather boots,wide pantaloons, and one of those short jackets of rough material,and with broad sleeves which French elegance has borrowed fromEnglish stable-boys. He tried to appear calm, careless, and playful;but the contraction of his lips betrayed a horrible anguish, andhis look had the strange mobility of the wild beasts' eye, when,almost at bay, they stop for a moment, listening to the barking ofthe hounds.

"I was beginning to fear that you would disappoint me," he said toMme. Zelie.

"It took me some time to buy your breakfast.""And is that all that kept you?""The porter detained me too, to hand me a letter, in which I foundone for you. Here it is.""A letter!" exclaimed Vincent Favoral.

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And, snatching it from her, he tore off the envelope. But he hadscarcely looked over it, when he crushed it in his hand, exclaiming,"It is monstrous! It is a mean, infamous treason!" He wasinterrupted by a violent ringing of the door-bell.

"Who can it be?" stammered Mme. Cadelle.