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"The day before I was to meet her, and whilst I was beside myselfwith joy, the Baron de Thaller requested me to assist him, bymeans of certain irregular entries, to conceal a deficit arisingfrom unsuccessful speculations. How could I refuse a man, whom,as I thought, I was about to deceive grossly! I did as he wished.

The next day Mme. de Thaller became my mistress; and I was a lostman."Was he trying to exculpate himself? Was he merely yielding to thatimperious sentiment, more powerful than the will or the reason,which impels the criminal to reveal the secret which oppresses him?

"From that day," he went on, "began for me the torment of thatdouble existence which I underwent for years. I had given to mymistress all I had in the world; and she was insatiable. Shewanted money always, any way, and in heaps. She made me buy thehouse in the Rue du Cirque for our meetings; and, between thedemands of the husband and those of the wife, I was almost insane.

I drew from the funds of the Mutual Credit as from an inexhaustiblemine; and, as I foresaw that some day must come when all would bediscovered, I always carried about me a loaded revolver, withwhich to blow out my brains when they came to arrest me."And he showed to Marius the handle of a revolverprotruding from his pocket.

"And if only she had been faithful to me!" he continued, becomingmore and more animated. "But what have I not endured! When theMarquis de Tregars returned to Paris, and they set about defraudinghim of his fortune, she did not hesitate a moment to become hismistress again. She used to tell me, 'What a fool you are! allI want is his money. I love no one but you.' But after his deathshe took others. She made use of our house in the Rue du Cirquefor purposes of dissipation for herself and her daughter Cesarine.

And I - miserable coward that I was! - I suffered all, so muchdid I tremble to lose her, so much did I fear to be weaned fromthe semblance of love with which she paid my fearful sacrifices.

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And now she would betray me, forsake me! For every thing that hastaken place was suggested by her in order to procure a sum wherewithto fly to America. It was she who imagined the wretched comedywhich I played, so as to throw upon myself the whole responsibility.

M. de Thaller has had millions for his share: I have only had twelvehundred thousand francs."Violent nervous shudders shook his frame: his face became purple.

He drew himself up, and, brandishing the letters which he held inhis hand,"But all is not over!" he exclaimed. "There are proofs whichneither the baron nor his wife know that I have. I have the proofof the infamous swindle of which the Marquis de Tregars was thevictim. I have the proof of the farce got up by M. de Thaller andmyself to defraud the stockholders of the Mutual Credit!

"What do you hope for?"He was laughing a stupid laugh.

"I? I shall go and hide myself in some suburb of Paris, and writeto Affrays to come. She knows that I have twelve hundred thousandfrancs. She will come; and she will keep coming as long as I haveany money. And when I have no more:

He stopped short, starting back, his arms outstretched as if torepel a terrifying apparition. Mlle. Gilberte had just appearedat the door.

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"My daughter!" stammered the wretch. "Gilberte!""The Marquise de Tregars," uttered Marius.

An inexpressible look of terror and anguish convulsed the featuresof Vincent Favoral: he guessed that it was the end.