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On the whole, I got the impression that groups had been more active today than on the fifth or sixth. However, since there were also groups that, for the most part, hadn’t been active at all, a distinct line had been drawn between those who were looking to conserve their stamina and those who weren’t.

The eighth day, which I had otherwise expected to devolve into a fierce battle, hadn’t actually been that bad in the end. There hadn’t been any significant changes in the scores of the top ten either, as the Kuronaga group was still in tenth place with a total of 111 points.

Tomorrow, my goal was to maintain an ideal rank and, if possible, meet up with Sakayanagi once again.

I fell asleep that night hoping that the upcoming designated areas would lead me toward the starting area.

After brushing away the cobwebs that had tangled around my clothes, I slowly took off my backpack and set it down on the ground.

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The Uninhabited Island Exam had entered into its ninth day, and it was as hot and humid out as ever.

By the time I had safely arrived at the fourth designated area, I was already breathing heavily.

One way or another, I had managed to reach my intended destination, just as scheduled.

The sweat on my brow slowly began to trickle down the bridge of my nose, so I wiped it away with the sleeve of my jersey.

Area D5, the designated area revealed at 3:00 PM, had been a considerable distance away from the previous area H9. It had taken quite a lot of effort to make it within the allotted time period.

In fact, I had even run into a decent Task along the way, but chose to give up on it so as to minimize the risk of accruing a penalty.

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Although the journey had taken me almost two full hours, it didn’t seem that very many other groups had arrived yet, as I had successfully earned the third-place Early Bird Bonus.

I wasn’t dissatisfied with my progress for the most part, but I still hadn’t been able to make it back to the starting area and meet up with Sakayanagi.

It’d just be a waste of stamina if I forced myself to go there now, and I didn’t want to overwork myself. I had crossed paths with several Class 2-A students throughout the day today, but unfortunately, none of them had walkie-talkies. I thought about whether or not I should just bite the bullet and go there tomorrow morning, but… well, that would make things fairly complicated.

After deciding to put aside the whole situation with Sakayanagi for the time being, I went ahead and took a look at everything that had happened today.

“So with all the points I earned today, I’ve upped my total score to 112, huh?”

The Kuronaga group, who had maintained their 10th place spot, had a comprehensive score of 123 points, a mere 11 points ahead of me, who had risen up to 13th. Given that it would soon be 5:00 PM, this 11 point gap was most likely where things would end for the day.

My goal was actually to reach 11th place, but an 11 point difference seemed well within my tolerance range. Although it happened slightly behind schedule due to what happened with Nanase and the rough patch of weather, I had finally secured the strategic position that I’d been aiming for since the very beginning.

That’s right, I had been aiming for 11th place since before the uninhabited island special exam even started. I was currently in 13th place, which was a bit lower, but that wasn’t the important thing here. Rather, I just needed to make certain of one thing: that I didn’t rise up to tenth.