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Just wanting to talk to a girl who likes games.

After getting to know Uehara-kun, I realized once again how happy it was to chat about games with others. There wasn’t any grinding of skills or exchange of high value information… Just idly chatting about what games we liked, and which games were interesting. These carefree chats about games were really blissful.

When I realized it, my stomach didn’t hurt that much now… Yup, it should work now. Go go, Amano Keita. I am not committing any nefarious acts, I should learn from Uehara-kun who made it into the high school social circle, and talk to that person confidently! I straightened up my posture and made my way outside Class A, then gulped.

The door to the classrooms were open since school was out, and the students inside the room would be able to see me if I took another step inside… I just remembered, this was basically the first time I was visiting another class… my legs started shivering.

I-It’s fine! School is out, so there shouldn’t be that many students around. Someone like me is different from Tendo-san, no one will notice even if I entered the classroom! Yes! Let’s get it over with quickly

Making up my mind, I took a step forth and peered into the classroom from the entrance. As I expected, there were not many students around, and no one paid me any mind.

I patted my chest in relief and surveyed the room. And then──

“Ah.” “Ah.”

── I locked eyes with an absolutely gorgeous blonde girl. Only now did I remember… Tendo-san was in Class 2A too.

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The school idol was seated in the middle of the class, surrounded by her classmates. When they saw her surprised face, their gazes slowly focused onto me… Oh no.

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That incident between me and Tendo-san reached this class too, and the classroom turned a little rowdier. I couldn’t help backing away and hiding half my body.

And so, even Tendo-san who always looks composed showed a wavering expression. After shifting her gaze away from me, she immediately did a simple touch up to her hair for some reason. She then cleared her throat, and appeared even more at ease than usual.

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? Eh… What is with her reaction?

Could it be like Uehara-kun said, her reaction by treating me like a ‘giant slug’? I took another look, and even though Tendo-san was blatantly making an expression of ‘I am not bothered by Amano-san at all~~’ while chatting with others, she would peek towards me from the corner of her eyes every now and then.

W-What is this? How should I interpret her attitude?

A-Anyway, the only thing I knew was that it felt very awkward. Leaving Tendo-san herself aside, the ones who grew tense from her unusual reaction were her classmates instead… Recently, I had been making too many enemies.

Feeling depressed, I still thought about my next course of action.

Well, my objective today is different anyway… Yup, I won’t earn any ire if I don’t bother the school idol.

After my quick conclusion, I stepped into the classroom once again, looking around the room in search of Hoshinomori-san. And of course, just the information ‘quiet girl who likes games’ wasn’t enough for me to find that girl.