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"You, it can't want me to tell you my conjectures? That Ryuuen-kun's the one who set that trap so I would get injured? Certainly I did think of it. That he incited Kinoshita-san to make me fall. But, it's not realistic to blatantly attempt to cause injury under the public eye. Even if they were able to make me fall, I don't think they would intentionally cause an injury to the extent that I would no longer be able to satisfactorily continue on with the competition".

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Off the mark.

If I felt like it, I could have offered her evidence that it was indeed intentional. But that's not important.

"How long do you intend on being useless, Horikita?".

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I said as such. Unless I take drastic measures like that, the girl known as Horikita Suzune will not open her eyes.

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"...what basis do you have to call me useless?".

"I called you useless because you are useless".

"How unpleasant.....I'm confident that in both written exams and physical abilities, I'm superior to those worthless people over there. In the first place, since the information leaked, isn't it already too late? Not just me, but just about anyone would be left unable to do anything in this situation. Would you mind giving some basis?".

"If you're a run-of-the-mill student then that's fine. But that's not the case, right? If you're aiming for Class A and intend to raise your comrades up to the same then it's about time I tell you about the necessity of cultivating a mindset that can see the bigger picture".

"That's why I'm telling you to show your basis!".

Horikita said so with a bit of fierce anger showing. The classmates around us turned to look for a moment to see what's going on.

"'I've realized that the information on the participation table has been leaked', 'Ryuuen provoked Sudou', 'It might have been that the injury was intentionally caused'. Certainly, just like you said, it's a situation where you cannot do anything about it. As for why, it's because you didn't do anything about it. And as long as you don't do anything about it, it'll continue on forever. Do you intend to complain again when Ryuuen pulls something off brilliantly once more? Surely that's not it, right?".

"That's---but, what could possibly be---".

"A situation where you prioritize improving your own rank while Sudou is absent or a situation where your rank plummets while Sudou gets called back and pulls the class along. Which one would be in the best interests of Class D? There's no need to even answer that right? Right now you don't even hold a candle to Sudou. Get a hint already that you're an absolutely useless student. Sudou's methods are clumsy but he's contributed more during this sports festival than anyone else. And he had been eagerly trying to win. Can you afford to leave him be just because he couldn't afford to worry about others? Leave him be as it is? Isn't that the same as allowing your own valuable asset to perish?".

If I say this much, Horikita should be able to understand too. Even as she gets annoyed by it she should become aware of it. What I want her to realize is 'what I ought to do from now on'.

"It's something obvious even an elementary school student should be able to answer right? That this one act would lead to the start of our counterattack".

Ryuuen strategically crushed Sudou. Then all we have to do is strategically call Sudou back. It's a simple matter.

"You're throwing away a chance to get a weapon that belongs to you and you alone".

"A weapon for me alone......?".